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Absolute reference Excel shortcut

Absolute referencing is a way to apply two $’s to a cell address in Excel to fix it so that it always refers to that cell. Absolute referencing ensures that references do not shift when formulas are copied to another cell. Absolute referencing can be done by typing $ manually, but we recommend using shortcuts. Shortcuts will help you work more efficiently, so take this opportunity to learn them.

Shortcut for absolute reference


command + T

Use shortcut key to make absolute reference

The following explains how to use shortcut keys to absolutely reference cell address in formulas and even how to perform auto-fills.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cells where you want to enter formulas containing absolute references.

Enter a formula in a cell

Enter a formula

Enter the formula in the selected cell.

Move the cursor

Enter a formula and put the cursor in

Press (Left Arrow key) to move to the end of the cell address.

Use shortcut to make absolute reference

Make cell numbers absolute references

Press F4 to make the cell address that was before the cursor an absolute reference.

Formula results displayed

Formula results displayed

Press Ctrl + Enter. The result of the formula with absolute references is now displayed in the selected cell (ex D3).

Select the cells you want to autofill

Select the cells you want to auto-fill

Press Shift + (Down Arrow key) and select all cells for which you want to autofill the result of the formula.

Select AutoFill

Select AutoFill and press Enter

Press Alt + E + I + S to display the Series dialog box. Make sure Columns is selected. Use Tab and (Down Arrow key) to select AutoFill.

AutoFill for cells containing absolute references

Completion of auto-fill

Press Enter to complete auto-filling of formulas containing absolute references.

Check absolute reference

Absolute reference check

Finally, check to see if the formulas in the auto-entered cells contain absolute references. If you look at the formula bar, you will see that the formula contains absolute references because two $'s are displayed.