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All caps in Excel shortcut

You may want to capitalize all cells that contain all or some small letters. There are several ways to capitalize all, but the most efficient and recommended way is to use shortcuts. Deleting once and then capitalizing or using the mouse is inefficient. Learn the shortcuts and increase your work productivity.

Shortcut to make all caps

Shift + F3

shift + F3

Use shortcuts to capitalize all

See below for instructions on how to capitalize all using shortcuts.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select one cell that you want to reflect in all capitals. Check the range of cells containing small letters (ex B2:B7).

Enter upper

Enter upper

Press Shift + F3. The Insert Function dialog box appears. Type upper in the Search for a function text box.

Make sure UPPER is selected

Press Enter

Press Enter. Make sure UPPER is selected.

Enter a range of cells containing small letters

Select a range of cells

Press Enter. The Function Arguments dialog box appears. In Text, enter a cell range that contains small letters (ex B2:B7).

All small letters are capitalized

Enter all capital letters

Press Enter. All small letters in the selected cell are now capitalized.

Use access key to capitalize all

Use access key to capitalize all

The above figure is an example of a cell containing small letters that is made capital with an access key.

The following article explains how to enter the UPPER function from the Formulas tab using the access key. For more information, please refer to the following link.

What is the shortcut to change small letters to capital letters in Excel