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Excel autofit column width shortcut (Alt + H + O + I)

In Excel, if you enter a large amount of text or numbers in a single cell with the default column width, some of the data may go out of the frame. Manually adjusting the cell width every time this happens is time-consuming and inefficient. In this section, we will introduce a shortcut (access key) that can dramatically improve your work efficiency by setting up cell width autofit.

AutoFit Column Width shortcut

Access Key: Alt + H + O + I (ai) or Alt + O + C + A


Use shortcuts to autofit column widths

This section explains how to use the shortcut to autofit the column width of the entire sheet.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a blank cell

Select a blank cell

Select a blank cell in preparation for selecting the entire sheet of cells with the shortcut.

Select the entire sheet

Select the entire sheet

Press Ctrl + A to select all the cells in the sheet.

AutoFit Column Width is complete

AutoFit Column Width is complete

Press Alt + H + O + I (ai) or Alt + O + C + A to complete the autofit of all column widths in the sheet.


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