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How to change Caps lock to small letters in Excel

Since CapsLock causes letters of the alphabet to be typed in capital letters, many people may want to deactivate it once it is applied. However, it is also possible to type in small letters with CapsLock engaged, so if you have trouble switching CapsLock on and off, try the method described below.

Shortcut to small letters during CapsLock



How to change to small letters during CapsLock

For information on how to change to smaller characters during CapsLock, see below.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell where you want to enter text.

Type with CapsLock engaged

Caps lock is engaged

If a letter (ex A) is entered with CapsLock engaged, it will be displayed in a capital letter.

Entering small letters with CapsLock engaged

Enter lower case letters

If you hold down Shift while typing a letter (ex nglia), it will appear in small letters.