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Convert to number Excel shortcut

If there are numbers stored as text in Excel, functions that perform formulas or calculations will not be available. There are several ways to convert text to numbers. If you learn the shortcuts for converting text to numbers, you can quickly solve the problem of a calculation that is no longer working. If your numbers are inadvertently saved in text format, please use the methods described in this section.

Convert to number shortcut

Display the Text to Columns Wizard dialog box

Access Key: Alt + A + E or Alt + D + E


Display the Paste Special dialog box

Ctrl + Alt + V
Access Key: Alt + E + S

control + command + V

Convert numbers with the Convert Text to Columns Wizard

This is a shortcut for converting numbers in the Convert Text to Columns Wizard.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cells you wish to convert to numbers.

Select the delimited

Select the delimited

Press Alt + A + E to display the Convert Text to Columns Wizard dialog box. Make sure delimited is selected.

Text has been converted to numbers

Text has been converted to numbers

Press F. The text is now converted to numbers. In this way, the formatting remains in text form, but the numbers entered can be used for formulas, etc.

Convert to numbers using Paste Special

Select a cell

Select blank cells.

Enter 1

Enter 1 in the cell.

Press Ctrl + C

Press Ctrl + Enter to confirm, then press Ctrl + C to copy the cell.

Press ↑

Press (Up Arrow key) to select the cell you wish to convert to a number.

Press M

Press Ctrl + Alt + V or Alt + E + S to display the Paste Special dialog box.

Press M to select multiply.

I could convert it to numbers

Press Enter convert the text to number.

This method changes the format to a general format.


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