Excel Hack

Excel copy formula down shortcut

Excel formulas can be used to copy formulas down with the autofill function. You can also use the shortcut keys to copy the formula to the cell below in the same way as auto-fill. With the shortcut keys, you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard every time for copy formulas.

Shortcut to copy a formula down

Ctrl + D
Access Key: Alt + H + F + I (ai) + D

command + D or control + D

Copy the formula down

Use the shortcut key to copy the formula down.

Total Time: 1 minute

Enter a formula

Enter a formula

Enter a formula in any cell. This time, we will copy the formula entered in the D2 to the D3 to D5.

Select cells

Select cells

Use the Shift + (Down Arrow key) to select the cell where you want to copy the formula.

Copying is complete

Copying is complete

Press Ctrl +D or Alt + H + F + I (ai) + D to copy the formula down.


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