Excel Hack

Copy formula in Excel shortcut

Excel has a shortcut key that allows you to copy formulas from above cell.
Reference cells are also copied as they are, so formulas that do not have absolute references can be copied as they are. This shortcut key makes copying even easier than using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, so please try it.

Shortcut key to copy a formula

With numeric keypad: None
Without numeric keypad: Ctrl + Shift + (apostrophe)

With numeric keypad: command + (apostrophe)
Without numeric keypad: None

Copy the formula

With this shortcut key, only the formula entered in the cell above will be copied.

Total Time: 1 minute

Enter a formula

Enter a formula

Enter a formula in any cell.

Select the cells you want to copy

Select a cell

Use (Down Arrow key) to select the cell directly below.

The formula will be copied

The formula will be copied

Press Ctrl + Shift + ' (apostrophe) to copy the formula in the cell above.

Change the argument

Change the argument

If necessary, change the arguments. In this case, we changed France to Italy. Press Enter.

Copy completed

Formulas can be copied

The formula has been copied.

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