Excel Hack

Data validation in Excel shortcut

Data validation in Excel allows users to restrict what they can enter into a cell. This feature prevents invalid data from being entered into cells, allowing you to collect the data you need. Learning the shortcut keys to quickly bring up the Data Validation dialog box will be a great help when creating a survey or response form.

Data validation shortcut

Access Key: Alt + D + L or Alt + A + V + V


Create a listing in the Data Validation dialog box

This is a shortcut key to bring up the Data Validation dialog box and create a listing.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cells for which you want to create a list.

Display the Data Validation dialog box

Press Alt + D + L

Press Alt + D + L to display the Data Validation dialog box. Press Alt + A to select Arrow, then press (Down Arrow key) three times to select List.

Enter list elements

Enter the text you want to include in the list

Press Alt + S to select the source and enter the element you wish to add to the list. Enter a , (comma) between words.

Listings could be created

We were able to create a list

Press Enter to create a list. Press Alt + (Down Arrow key) to expand the list and select an element.