Excel Hack

Edit formula in Excel shortcut

Learn how to edit formulas using shortcut keys without using the mouse. Editing a formula is usually done by double-clicking on the cell, but this method allows you to edit the formula faster than using the keyboard and mouse alternately. Below are some shortcut keys for editing formulas that can be used on Windows and Mac.

Shortcut keys for editing formulas


control + U

Edit the formula

Edit the formula with shortcut keys. In this section, we will edit the criterion argument of the COUNTIF function using only shortcut keys.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell where you want to edit the formula.

Become editable

Cells become editable

Press F2. The cursor will appear at the end of the cell, and you will be able to type.

Move the cursor

The cursor moves

Edit the arguments of the criteria. Press Ctrl + (Left Arrow key) will automatically move the cursor to the argument.

Edit the arguments

Edit the conditions

Delete the France entered in the criteria argument and enter Italy. Press Enter.

Edit complete

Finish editing the formula

The formula for the COUNTIF function has been edited and recalculated.