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How to find CAGR in Excel

CAGR refers to the compound annual growth rate. by calculating GAGR, you can calculate the return on investment for a specific period or figure out how much a company has developed. using the CAGR formula, we will explain how to find the CAGR in excel. Learn how to use the formula and calculate CAGR yourself.

Basic formula for CAGR

=(Ending value/Beginning value)^(1/Periods)-1

Calculate CAGR

Calculate CAGR using basic formula.

Total Time: 1 minute

Enter a formula

Enter a formula

Enter =(B5/B2)^(1/3)-1 in any cell. In the formula, apply the value of B5 cell to the Ending value and the value of B2 to the Beginning value. Enter the elapsed period in Periods. In this case, 3 years have passed, so 3 is entered.

CAGR is calculated

CAGR is calculated

Press Enter to calculate the CAGR.

Set the percent style

Set the percent style

Press Ctrl + Shift + 5 to set a percent style to make it easier to understand.


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