Excel Hack

Flash fill shortcut Excel (Ctrl + E)

Flash fill is a function that can detect patterns of data in a cell and auto-fill data based on those patterns. For example, if a cell contains multiple data, it is possible to store operation patterns such as extracting, splitting, or merging the data and applying them to other cells. If you are processing large amounts of data manually, please use this article to learn the Flash fill shortcuts.

Shortcut to perform flash fill

Ctrl + E

control + E

Use shortcuts to perform flash fill

Learn how to use the flash fill function as a shortcut. This section describes how to extract a portion of data from multiple data contained in a cell, record the operation pattern, and apply it to other cells with autofill.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell that will be the basis for the flash fill pattern.

Enter a portion of the data

Enter extracted characters

Enter a portion of the data in the left cell (ex A2). This operation is the basis for the flush fill pattern.

Select the cells you want to reflect the flash fill

Select the cells in which you want the data to be reflected

Press Shift + (Down Arrow key) several times to select all cells you want to reflect the flash fill.

Flash fill is completed

Completion of flush fill

Press Ctrl + E. The reference pattern is now reflected in the selected cells with a flush fill.