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Excel freeze pane shortcut

When working in Excel that many columns and rows, you may lose the header with the items when scrolling the screen. In this case, you can prevent the header from disappearing on scrolling by pinning certain rows or columns. Here is how to freeze a specific row or column using a shortcut key.

Shortcut for freeze pane

Freeze columns and rows in any cell

Access Key: Alt + W + F + F


Freeze the first column

Access Key: Alt + W + F + C


Freeze any rows and columns

Here is how to freeze rows and columns based on any cell.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell that will be the base for Freeze rows and columns. The rows and columns will be fixed at the upper left corner of the selected cells.

Rows and columns freeze

Press Alt + W + F + F

Press Alt + W + F + F freezes the rows and columns based on the selected cell.

Scroll to check freeze pane

Rows and columns are fixed

Scroll to check the row and column freezes.

Freeze the first column

Open a file

Open the file for which you want to set the freeze pane.

Press Alt + W + F + C

Press Alt + W + F + C will freeze the first column regardless of the active cell.

Scroll left

Scroll left and you will see the first column is freeze.

Freeze the first row

The following article shows how to freeze the first row with a shortcut key. Also, see the following article on how to freeze multiple rows.

Freeze row in Excel shortcut