Excel Hack

Insert cut cells shortcut

Have you ever encountered the problem that when you cut and paste a cell in Excel, the original data is overwritten? There is a way to insert the cut cells without changing the original data. In this article, we will show you how to insert cut cells using shortcut keys instead of using the mouse or pull-down menus.

Insert cut cells shortcut

With numeric keypad: Ctrl + + (plus)
Without numeric keypad: Ctrl + Shift + + (plus)
Access Key: Alt+ I + R

command + shift + + (plus)

Use the shortcut key to insert cut cells

Learn how to insert cut cells using the shortcut keys.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the leftmost cell of any cell you want to cut out.

Select all the cells you want to cut out

Press shift key and arrow key

Press Shift + (Right Arrow key) to select all cells you want to cut out.

Cut out the cells

Cut cells

Press Ctrl + X to cut the cells.

Select another cell

Select another cell

Select the cell you want to insert.

Finished inserting the cut cells

The cut cells will be inserted

Press Ctrl + Shift + + (plus). Or Press Alt + I + E. The cut cells have been inserted.