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Insert row in Excel shortcut

To insert an empty row in Excel, you need to right-click, but if you use shortcut keys, you can save time by eliminating the right-click action.There are so many opportunities to insert rows, so let’s learn some simple shortcut keys to improve our productivity.

Insert row shortcut

With numeric keypad: Ctrl + + (plus)
Without numeric keypad: Ctrl + Shift + + (plus)
Access Key: Alt + I + R

Insert single row

This is a way to insert a single row using a shortcut key.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell in the row you want to insert.

Select the entire row

Select the entire row

Press Shift + Space to select the entire row.

Row insertion complete

Row insertion complete

Press Ctrl + Shift + + (plus) to insert a row.

Inserting a row from the Insert dialog box

Select the cell in the row you want to insert

Select the cell in the row you want to insert. Press Ctrl + Shift + + (plus).

Insert Dialog Box

The Insert dialog box will appear.

Use the ↓ (Down Arrow key) to select the Entire row, and press Enter.

Insert a row

A row has been inserted.

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