Excel Hack

Lock cells in Excel shortcut

Learn how to lock cells using shortcut keys; in Excel, cells are locked by default. But sometimes they are unlocked by mistake while performing other operations. If you want to check if a cell is locked, or if you want to lock a cell, you can use the following methods.

Shortcut keys for locking cells

Ctrl + 1

command + 1 or control + 1

Lock cells using shortcut keys

Learn how to lock cells using shortcut keys.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell for which you want to set cell locks.

Format Cells dialog box opens

Press Ctrl + 1

Press Ctrl + 1 to display the Format Cells dialog box.

Set cell locks

Set the lock

Press P to select Protection tab, and Press Alt + L to place a check mark in the "Locked".

Cell lock is complete

Select a cell

Press Enter to set the cell lock.

Check cell lock

Set the lock

It is difficult to tell by appearance alone whether a cell is locked or not. If you want to check, press Ctrl + 1 again to open the Format Cells dialog box, press P to open the protection tab, and you will see that "Locked" is checked.