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Excel merge cells shortcut Mac

Learn how to merge cells using shortcut keys in Excel on the Mac. Merge Cells is a feature that combines two or more adjacent cells as one cell, frequently used to improve sheet layout and design. If you want to use shortcut keys to merge cells on Mac, please refer to this page.

Shortcut key to merge cells for Mac

command + 1 or control + 1

Use shortcut keys to merge cells

Use shortcut keys in Excel for Mac to merge cells. As an example, merge cells B1 and C1.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select cells

Select cells

Select the cell that will be the base of the merge.

Select the cells you want to merge

Select the cells you want to merge

Use shift + (Right Arrow key) to select the cells to be merged.

Format Cells dialog box will appear

The Format Cells dialog box appears

Press command + 1 to display the Format Cells dialog box. Select the Alignment tab. Select Center under Horizontal alignment and put a check mark in Merge cells.

Cells are merged

Cells are merged

Press return merged the selected cells.