Excel Hack

Excel multiply formula shortcut

If you want to do multiplication in Excel, you can use the * (asterisk), PRODUCT function and SUMPRODUCT function, but you can also use the shortcut keys or Access key to do multiplication. If you don’t want to enter the formula every time, or if you want to perform multiplication easily, try the following method.

Multiply formula shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + V
Access Key: Alt + E + S

option + command + V or option + control + V or control + command + V

Multiply using shortcut keys

Learn how to use shortcut keys and access keys to multiply without creating a multiplication expression. This time, we will multiply the price by the quantity to get the total amount.

Total Time: 1 minute

Enter a price

Enter a value

Enter a price in the cell where you want the amount to appear.

Copy the value of the quantity

Copy the value

Press Ctrl + C to copy the quantity.

Paste with shortcut keys

Press the shortcut key

Paste the copied quantity into the cells of the amount. Press Ctrl + Alt + V or Alt + E + S.

Select multiply

The Paste Special dialog box will appear

The Paste Special dialog box will appear. Press M, and press Enter.

Multiplication complete

The value will be multiplied

The amount has been calculated.

Set the Accounting Number Format

Set the Accounting Number Format

Press Alt + H + A + N to open the Accounting Number Format. Use (Down Arrow key) to select $ English and press Enter to set the currency unit.