Excel Hack

Open macro in Excel shortcut (Alt + F8)

Here is how to open Macro with a shortcut key. Since you need to open the Macro dialog box to run, delete, or edit a macro, remembering this shortcut key will make macro-related operations much smoother. Here are the shortcut keys that can be used on both Windows and Mac.

Shortcut to open the Macro

Alt + F8

option + F8

Open the Macro

Open the Macro dialog box using the shortcut keys.

Total Time: 1 minute

Open a file with a macro set

Open a file

Open the file in which the macro is set.

Macro dialog box opens

Press Alt + F8

Press Alt + F8 displays the Macro dialog box.

Open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

Open Microsoft Visual Basic dialog box

Press Alt + E to display the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications dialog box. You can now edit the macro.