Excel Hack

Excel open shortcut key (Ctrl + O)

Here are shortcut keys to open other existing files from the current file in Excel.
This shortcut key allows you to quickly open another existing file when you are working in Excel and want to check data in another file. The following shortcut keys are available for Windows and Mac.

Shortcut key to open an existing file

Ctrl + O
Access Key: Alt+ F + O

command + O

Open an existing file with a shortcut key

Use shortcut keys to open other existing files.

Total Time: 1 minute

Currently file

Current file

The currently open file is displayed. From this state, you can use shortcut keys to open another existing file.

The Open will appear

Press Ctrl + O

Press Ctrl + O or Alt + F + O to display the Open of the File tab.

Select browse

Use Down Arrow key

Press Enter. Use (Down Arrow key) to select Browse.

Select a file

Select a file

Press Enter to display the Open dialog box. Select the existing file you are interested in using the Tab and (Down Arrow key), and press Enter.

File Open

Other files open

Another existing file was opened.