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Page break shortcut key in Excel

When printing a file created with Excel, page breaks are set to determine how much data to print on each sheet. Page breaks are automatically set based on data entered Excel, margin settings, etc., but they can also be set manually. If you set the page breaks yourself, you can freely set the print range. Here is how to set page breaks using shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys for page break

Alt + P + B + I (ai)


Set page breaks with shortcut key

Here is how to use shortcut keys to make a page break at any cell.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select the cell

Select the cell

Select a cell for which you want page breaks. Page breaks will be made at the upper left corner of the selected cells.

Set page break

Set page break

Press Alt + P + B + I set page break and a dotted line appears on the sheet.

Check with page break preview

Check with page break preview

Press Alt + W + I displays a page break preview to help confirm page breaks.


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