Excel Hack

How to remove Alt + Enter in Excel

If you have a lot of cells in your Excel sheet that have line breaks with Alt + Enter, it is a lot of work to remove and restore the line breaks one by one. If you use the mouse to delete them, it will take a lot of time and effort. There is a way to delete line breaks using a shortcut key, so learn this to work efficiently and improve your productivity.

Shortcut for deleting a new line

Ctrl + H
Access Key: Alt + H + F + D + R

control + H

Remove line feeds with shortcuts

For information on how to remove line feeds with shortcuts, see the following.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

A sheet with many line breaks

Select the cell that contains the data.

Selecting a range of cells containing line breaks

Select data that contains line breaks

Press Ctrl + A to select a range of cells that have data containing line breaks.

Specify a line break with a shortcut

Press Ctrl + J

Press Ctrl + H or Alt + H + F + D + R. The Find and Replace dialog box is now displayed. Place the cursor in the Find what text box and press Ctrl + J. Press Tab twice, then press A.

Check the number of replacements

Press Enter

The Microsoft Excel dialog box is now displayed. Confirm the number of replacements and press Enter.

Newline deletion complete

Line breaks have been removed

All line breaks contained in the selected cells have been removed.