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How to remove formula in Excel shortcut

Normally, when you delete a formula, the value is deleted along with it; Excel allows you to remove the formula without deleting the value. It is recommended to use this method when you no longer need the function, or when you don’t want to show the formula when sending a file to someone. Removing formulas will also improve the processing speed of heavy files.

Shortcut to delete a formula

Ctrl + Alt + V
Access Key: Alt + E + S + V

option + command + V or option + control + V or control + command + V

Use shortcut keys to remove formulas

In this section, we will show you how to use the shortcut keys to remove formulas and keep only the values.

Total Time: 1 minute

Copy the formula

Copy the formula

Select the cell where you want to delete the formula. Press Ctrl + C to copy the formula and press Ctrl + Alt + V or Alt + E + S + V.

Select paste values only

Select paste values only

The Paste Special dialog box will appear. Press V and press Enter.

Formula removal complete

Formula removal complete

The formula has been removed and only the value is left.


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