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Shift cells up in Excel

Here’s how to move cells upward with a shortcut key When working in Excel, you may need to change the position of a cell. For example, if there are extra blank cells in a list or unnecessary data, you can delete unnecessary cells and shift cells upward to make the sheet or cell more organized.

Shortcut key to shift a cell up

Ctrl + (minus)
Access key: Alt + H + D + D

command + (minus) or control + (minus)

Shift cells up with shortcut keys

Learn how to shift up a cell using shortcut keys.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell one cell above the cell you want to shift upward.In this case, we want to shift cell C6 upward, so we select cell C5.

Select shift cells up

Select shift cells up

Press Ctrl + - (minus) or Alt + H + D + D to display the Delete dialog box. Press U to select Shift cells up.

Cells shift up

Cells shift up

Press Enter deletes the selected cell and moves cell up.


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