Excel Hack

Shortcut to cut a cell value

Here is a shortcut key to cut a value: In Excel, you may need to cut a part of a value entered in a cell and paste it into another cell. Normally, you right-click on a cell and select Cut but you can save time by using a shortcut key. Here are some shortcut keys for cut and paste that can be used on Windows and Mac.

Shortcut key to cut values

Ctrl + X

command + X or control + X

Cut a part of the value

Cut a part of the value using shortcut keys. Here is how to cut and paste a specific string of text in a cell into another cell. As an example, we will cut out only the word "Comedy" from the string "Romance Comedy".

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell in which the value you want to cut.

Cells become editable

Press F2

Press F2, cell becomes editable, and a cursor appears in the cell.

Select a value

Press Shift + allow key

Shift + (Left Arrow Key) to select "Comedy".

Cut a value

Press Ctrl + X

Press Ctrl + X to cut "Comedy".

Select the cells where you want to paste

Select a cell

Use the Arrow key to select the cell where you want to paste the value you want to cut.

Values are pasted

Press Ctrl + V

Press Ctrl + V to paste the cut value.