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Shortcut key for date and time in Excel

There are many opportunities to enter the current date and time in cells. Although dates and times can be entered manually, frequent manual entry can lead to significant time loss. The article presented here details how to use useful shortcuts related to date and time. If you would like to learn more, please visit the links provided.

Date shortcut

When you want to change the format of a date entered in a cell, instead of using the mouse, use keyboard shortcuts to make the process more efficient. Using the shortcuts described in the following article, you can change the format of a date in just a few operations, such as 01-12-08 for 2008/12/01. For detailed instructions, please see the following article.

Date shortcut in Excel

Today’s date shortcut

If you need to enter today’s date frequently, try using Excel keyboard shortcuts. The following article provides shortcut keys to easily enter today’s date. We hope you will use these useful shortcuts to improve your work efficiency.

Excel today’s date shortcut

Time shortcut

There is a shortcut key that is useful when you want to apply a time format to data entered in a cell or when you want to change the format of a time. For example, the method shown here is useful when you want to change 12:00 to 12:00 PM. For more information, please see the following article.

Time shortcut in Excel

Current time shortcut

When entering the current time in a cell, it is very inefficient to check the time each time; Excel has a handy shortcut key to quickly insert the current time. The following article describes the shortcut keys for inserting the current time and how to use them.

Current time shortcut in Excel


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