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Excel shortcut new sheet (Shift + F11)

We will show you how to insert a new worksheet using the shortcut keys. Usually, when you want to insert a new worksheet, you right-click on the Insert tab or the Sheet Tab. Inserting a new worksheet using shortcut keys can increase the speed and productivity of your work process. Below we will show you how to insert a sheet or multiple sheets in one.

New sheet shortcut

Shift + F11
Access Key: Alt + Shift + F1 or Alt + H + I + S

shift + F11

Add a single sheet

Here's how to insert a single sheet using the shortcut keys.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a sheet

Select a sheet

Select the sheet on the right where you want to insert the new sheet.

A sheet will be added

A sheet will be added

Press Shift + F11 or Alt + Shift + F1. A new sheet has been inserted.

Add multiple sheets

Select a sheet

Select multiple sheets by holding down Ctrl + Shift and pressing PgUp or PgDn.

New sheets will be inserted as many as the number of sheets selected here.

Add multiple sheets

Press Shift + F11 or Alt + Shift + F1

A new multiple sheets has been inserted to the left of the selected sheet.


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