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Excel shortcut to select entire column with data (Ctrl + Shift + Down)

For example, you may want to select only the data in a certain column in a table. In such a case, most people would probably visually check the area they want to select and drag it with the mouse. However, if you want to work more efficiently, you may want to use keyboard shortcuts. If you can select an entire column in an instant, you will be able to work much faster.

Shortcut for select entire column with data

Ctrl + Shift + (Up Arrow key) or Ctrl + Shift + (Down Arrow key)

command + shift + (Up Arrow key) or control + shift + (Up Arrow key)
command + shift + (Down Arrow key) or control + shift + (Down Arrow key)

Select entire columns with data by shortcut

This section describes a shortcut for selecting an entire column containing data. This shortcut will only select up to the point where the data is entered.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell that will be the starting point for the column selection.

The entire column with data selected

Select the entire column containing the data

Press Ctrl + Shift + (Down Arrow key) to select to the end of the column data. To select the entire column with data upwards, press Ctrl + Shift + ↑ (Up Arrow key).

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