Excel Hack

Excel shortcut show all formulas

Here is an access key that allows you to view formulas in a sheet at once. This is much more efficient than double-clicking on individual cells to check the formulas. This is a convenient access key to use when you want to check what function is being used or when you want to check the cell where the formula was entered.

Shortcut to show all formulas

Access Key: Alt + M + H


Show all formulas with shortcut keys

Use the shortcut keys to display all formulas.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select the sheet

Select the sheet

Select the sheet where you want to display all the formulas.

All formulas will be displayed

All formulas will be displayed

Pressing Alt + M + H will display all the formulas entered in the sheet. Note that the cell width will change depending on the length of the formula.

Hide the formula

Hide the formula

If you press Alt + M + H again, the formula will be hidden and only the value will be displayed.


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