Excel Hack

Superscript in Excel shortcut

Superscripts are small characters that appear slightly above normal text. It is used to denote the exponent of a unit or formula. Excel provides a handy shortcut to make selected text superscript. Here is a simple way to bring up the Format Cells dialog box and make the highlighted text superscript.

Superscript shortcut

Ctrl + Shift + F or Ctrl + Shift + P
Access Key: Alt + H + F + N

control + shift + P

How to make text superscript

This is a way to make text superscript using shortcut keys.

Total Time: 1 minute

Select a cell

Select a cell

Select the cell containing the text you want to superscript.

Select the text you want to superscript

Select the text you want to superscript

Press F2 to activate cell edit mode. Press Shift + (Left Arrow key) to select the text you want to superscript.

Check superscripts

Check superscripts

Press Ctrl + Shift + F to display the Format Cells dialog box. Press Alt + E to check the superscript checkbox.

Text could be superscripted

Formats text to superscript

Press Enter to convert the selected characters to superscripts.