Excel Hack

Switch sheets in Excel shortcut (Ctrl + PgUp)

We will show you a shortcut key to move between sheets without using the mouse. Usually, when you want to switch between sheets, you click on the sheet tabs at the bottom of the screen, but you can use the shortcut keys to operate more smoothly. You can use the shortcut keys for switching sheets in both Windows and Mac.

Switch sheets shortcut

Ctrl + PgUp or Ctrl + PgDn

option + (Left Arrow key) or option + (Right Arrow key)

Use shortcut keys to switch between sheets

Learn how to use shortcut keys to move between sheets.

Total Time: 1 minute

Prepare a multi-sheet book

Press Ctrl+ Arrow Key

Start the operation with the National, 2-digit sheet selected. Switch to the Metropolitan Areas sheet.

The sheet will switch

Switch to any sheet.

Hold down Ctrl and press PgDn three times to switch to the Metropolitan Area sheet.

Switch to another sheet

The sheet will switch

Hold down Ctrl and press PgUp twice to switch to the National, 5-digit sheet. To move to a distant sheet, press the PgUp or PgDn multiple times.