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Unhide shortcut in Excel

In Excel, shortcuts can be used to unhide rows and columns, as well as ribbons, windows, and data in the same column. Most of the unhide is done with the mouse, but shortcuts can dramatically improve work efficiency. We recommend that you learn to use shortcuts and make it a habit to do so, as improved work efficiency leads to increased productivity.

Shortcut for Unhide

Unhide the ribbon

Ctrl + F1

command + option + R

Unhide the window

Access key: Alt + W + U


Unhide objects

Ctrl + 6

command + 6 or control + 6

Unhide data in the same column

Alt + (Down Arrow key)

option + (Down Arrow key)

Unhide the ribbon

For information on how to unhide a hidden ribbon, see below.

Total Time: 1 minute

Ribbon is hidden

Without ribbon

The ribbon is hidden.

Unhide Ribbon

Ribbon Unhide

Press Ctrl + F1. The ribbon is now unhide.

Unhide the window

Window in hidden state

The window is hidden.

Confirm the file name and press Enter

Press Alt + W + U. The Unhide dialog box appears.

Confirm the workbook to be unhide.

Window Unhide

Press Enter. The window has been unhide.

Unhide objects

Objects are hidden

The object is hidden on the sheet.

Unhide Objects

Press Ctrl + 6.

The object is now redisplayed.

Unhide data in the same column

Select the cells for which you want the column data to be displayed

Select the cells in which you want the column data to be reflected.

Select the column data you want to input

Press Alt + (Down Arrow key) to list the column data.

Press (Down arrow key) several times to select the data you wish to reflect.

Select from and enter column data

Press Enter. The selected cell now reflects the column data.

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